Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Constructing gender... 

How to be male (in a very classically liberal way): Now, if something is ever as good as 'the good', there is definitely something good in this well.

How to be female (Valley girl style): Everything since has felt a little too 'out there', but because of him I am actually, like, so much more, like, myself.

The Gender Genie seems to be pretty accurate, which is a shame, because I don't believe in natural differences between men and women. I could put it all down to cultural conditioning, of course, but my view doesn't count for much, since I'm obviously the next Radclyffe Hall in denial anyway. It explains why most of my friends are male and much older than me, though, but the fact that I'm bolshy, political and a muso/film buff might do that too (and, of course, spending two years of my working life surrounded by gay men wouldn't hurt either)...

With thanks to Michael for directing me to this, and beating me to the analysis.

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