Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Lay siege on the evangelical outpost! 

Consider the following fun theory:

Gay men are gay only because they are promiscuous - they can't get enough sex and 'have nothing better to do', so go gay to find more. Heterosexual promiscuity isn't 'That Common' and you can't get multiple women to sleep with you on a given day (implying therefore, that you can get multiple men...). This need for sex 'forces' men into homosexuality. Some emotional attachments may result from this, but this doesn't change the fact that they 'want sex all of the time everywhere'. Those who seek marriage rights do so 'because they want their behavior to be normative, not because they want to curb their behavior to fit within marriage'.

Anyone who feels like commenting on this most insightful piece (already in the comments section, though the main post is just as good) can go here. I've started the ball rolling, using a suitably gendered name (see below).

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