Saturday, February 28, 2004

To the National Front disco, away! 

Having spent a few minutes on MSN messenger just now, ranting at a friend about the lazy and insidious tendencies of people in immigration debates to talk about 'our culture' and 'our shared values', when I don't share any values with the BNP supporting, Daily Mail reading scum of this world and, increasingly it seems, not that many with our Prime Minister, I was pointed in the direction of Support or Deporter?

Can you make out the difference between the football supporters and the BNP? Even with some counter-intuitive guessing ("he looks normal, so he *must* be evil!") I only got 6/10.

UPDATE: Following on from this, Chris Lightfoot mentions the 'Computer programmer or serial killer' quiz, which can be found here.

I like all of the points you have made
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