Saturday, March 27, 2004

Get the credit you don't deserve, pig! 

Jason pointed me in the direction of some pretty good spoof adverts the other day, but I think some of the ones at brunching.com are even more twisted and fun:

Is your day too predictable? Too comfortable? Too easy? Take a Mood Swing break! Mood Swing bars are packed with the maximum federally allowed amount of sugar to give you the burst of energy you need to make your work seem really important and rewarding, followed by the precipitous crash into despondency and loathing you need to mutter to yourself about your suffocating job and the idiots you work with. And when you're ready to feel that high again, it's only a Mood Swing away!

Or another example here:

On your knees, consumer worm! Other finance companies may want to give you "the credit you deserve," but we know what you know in your heart: you deserve nothing. You are pathetic and low, and you don't deserve even the most meager line of credit. But you want it, don't you? You can just taste that credit like blood on your tongue, can't you? Dog! Slug! Well, you're in more luck that you've ever had in your miserable existence. At Domifex, we'll give you your precious credit. We'll give you your credit, but we will make you suffer for it. Oh, yes. Such exquisite suffering will be the price of your credit. Mmmmm...

Apply now, insect! Take your credit and your punishment and like it. We're just itching to hear you scream.

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