Friday, March 19, 2004

The Joy of Social Experiment 

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I've casually said I'd only ever baby sit for them if their children weren't the usual self-righteous brats, or perhaps it's my surprisingly detailled plans for how I would rear one child up entirely normally while subjecting the other to every possible social torment, but my friends have, with increasing intensity over the years, told me never to have children.

I always thought this was unfair, since I only talk in that way and am actually quite fond of kids, in the same way I'm fond of cats - I like both my friends' and the variety seen running wild - but today I realised there may be something in it, as my first reaction to this post by Michael was to think 'Excellent! But I'm sure we can do better than that...'

But all my efforts (which ranged quickly from Babbling (Brooke) and Kitty-go-lightly to 'Oi!') and even those of an illiterate Western fan can't, to my mind, match up to the cruelty of the standard 'we wanted a boy set' of names. Nigella springs straight to mind...

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