Sunday, March 21, 2004

Some people celebrate more than others... 

My family has never taken Mother's Day at all seriously, which is lucky, because I forgot about its existence until yesterday. But apparently some people are very fond of their mothers indeed - Lorna and I were in a cheap buffet restaurant today, which regularly has loud-speaker birthday announcements interrupting the stream of Boyzone/Tom Jones muzak, followed by a tinny 'Happy Birthday To You' recording.

Well today we were instead treated to a Mother's Day shout-out, with the strains of Cliff Richard - "Congratulations, and celebrations, when I tell everyone that I'm in love with you".

I love my mum (as Baldrick would say); but not that much...

And on a similar theme, I went to a marvellous exhibition at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery today, called Cinema India: The Art of Bollywood. Apart from learning a great deal about India's film industry and cinematic morality, I came across a wonderful poster for a film called Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, with the somewhat unfortunate tagline - "It's all about loving your parents".

Of course, it may all just be my filthy mind...

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