Saturday, May 01, 2004

'Distress will force a man upon strange expedients'... 

The new sex laws for the UK come into force today. From my viewpoint, one great triumph is the removal of men from the sex offences register who'd been having consensual homosexual sex, but with a partner classed as below the age of consent. I'm also very happy about the tightening up of rape definitions, though I still don't think it's going far enough to secure a really good conviction rate. Any measure on this is welcome, though.

Of course, most of the attention is being paid to new crimes and tougher sentences for paedophiles. But as far as I'm aware relatively little notice has been paid to the new crimes involving necrophilia and bestiality. I'd have liked there to be some sort of open debate on these matters, which despite offending notions of 'common decency' are much more morally grey, I think, than any of the others mentioned.

Yet even in my most liberal moments I always find it necessary to say something like 'of course, I'm not into anything like that', which must show some sort of traditionalist in me after all.

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