Sunday, May 30, 2004

Keeping the game up 

Chris has descended into putting up porn - which is probably bad for his reputation, but very good for us as punters. There's a splendid tribute to bestiality over at the Virtual Stoa (and I can confirm that these classic pieces do sound just as good when read aloud).

[Via Paul] One man obviously took Gerald of Wales too seriously - he hanged himself after his wife found out he was having an affair with a hen. But what of the hen? Won't someone think of the hen?!

Lastly, there's proof for those who doubted it that there really is something very Freudian about hunting:

Well, as luck would have it, the birds were hot for some good Hen-lovin’ and they were responding quite well to my calling, even though this was but my second year of hunting turkeys and my first time calling

These talents come with time. The Karma Sutra of bestiality doesn't appear to have made it to the shelves yet, though...

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