Saturday, May 01, 2004

Oxford Proud 

The rainbow flag is flying from Oxford Town Hall tonight, which is really pretty special. The town council and gay community have worked together really well to make the town's second gay pride, which was held today, a great success and much better than last year's. As a first attempt last year's event wasn't too bad, but the people involved were trying too hard to make it like London and Brighton prides, when I and a few others on the committee were busy arguing for it to be more of a 'village' community event, given the nature of the Oxford scene (which is small and with no obvious nightlife centre).

This year they've worked on the village model, with a lot more stalls and things to do - tug of war, dog show etc. - and it was really quite fun and well attended, given the awful weather. Hopefully it will get even better next year, on the back of a good reputation. As for my part of it, the Queer Rights group lost money, but did a fair bit in terms of community outreach and generally helping out with stewarding and stuff (I was too lazy for that part). I'll post up a couple of pictures of the event when I can find a host for them.

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