Friday, May 07, 2004

Queer Theory 

This is very much an Oxford University-based post, so apologies to everyone else.

I'm hoping to set up a Queer Theory discussion group in the university, serving as a focus point for queer study across the university and at all levels (to my knowledge, none such exists at the moment, though there are a number of people at all levels pursuing their own interests in the area independently).

The group would hopefully be interdisciplinary, but the focus would probably be on issues relatively well contained within a broad 'social science' bracket. There's some suggestion it might also work with recent and/or important texts as leaping pads for discussion. However, all details are extremely open for discussion at the moment. I have a lot of ideas myself, but am in no way interested in dictating a format which might prevent interested people from coming forward.

I'm hoping to have an initial meeting with interested parties before the end of 4th week, but I'm aware that with something like this it might take a while for potentially interested people to get involved. So if anyone reading this is interested, or knows anyone who might be interested, please put them/yourself in contact with me via either of the addresses in the sidebar.

Importantly, don't feel put off if you don't self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans etc. Unless members of the group were to decide otherwise, it seems perfectly reasonable for it to be open to all members of the university with a positive interest in the area.

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