Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Revisionist Rubbish 

This is disgusting:

"...we all know that Zionism is Fascism and the only "rules" of fighting Fascism are BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. So now let's go over what "by any means necessary means". By any means necessary, means by ANY MEANS necessary...

...Even those who stand solid on other key issues of the day, would have us fight Zionism, free of Human Bombs (even thought "Israeli" is not a civilian or ethnicity but status as Settler Colonialists, but rather cuff our right arm to our left leg and slap the Zionist Enemy effeminately while asking "Am I being too anti-semitic?".
[sic sic sic, to all of it]

He goes on, after a lot of other rubbish bits of nonsense, to write:

You see you can not fight Zionism free of the need to cuff your right arm to you left leg, until you are willing to go head to head with the fact that "Jewish" suffering is largely irrational, illusionary, and most of all THE PRIMARY TACTIC FOR REALLY OPPRESSING AND EXPLOITING OTHERS.

So much for Indymedia being an "outlet for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth." This writer can't even be accurate in his language, let alone his facts. The whole piece is a vile bit of Holocaust revisionism, which doesn't deserve any sort of airing, let alone publishing on a 'respected' server.

[Via 'The Unspeakable Truth']

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