Monday, June 14, 2004

A new low in reality TV? 

The following has been e-mailled to many of the people involved with things queer in Oxford. I imagine it has been sent to others elsewhere too. I'm very happy to report that it's already caused a substantial negative reaction and that the LGBT community in Oxford is likely to be responding quite soon:

"I am currently doing some research for a new television show into people's sexuality, with the underlying question of whether its possible to shift a persons sexual orientation from straight to gay.

Research has taken place looking at the reverse occurring with varying results and we would like to investigate whether a persons sexual orientation or attitudes can be altered through environment and if so to what extent.

To assist with this we are looking for people to take part in the role of 'gay mentors' to help educate the contributors in new attitudes, opening their minds and assisting with various tasks and challenges.

I would be very grateful for your thoughts and ideas on the project and if you would be willing to be considered as a mentor, or know of anyone who you think would be suitable.

The person would need to be outgoing, charismatic, open-minded, fun loving and up for being on TV!"

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