Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Not Dead 

SIAW, pronounced dead 17.5.04, has risen again - though it may just be having a few death throes. It seems that it will be experimenting with occasional images for a while, though, so though we have to do without the more extensive posting, there's still good reason to visit if they keep this up. New posts so far include short commentary on Hong Kong, as well as the sinister vampire's wing that is party politics. Very apt as the elections come up, and we notice that most of the campaign leaflets seem to be ever more consumed with cross-party bitching rather than meaningful promises.

From the Lib Dems in Oxford:

Let Down By The Tories
Oxfordshire residents have been badly let down by their Conservative Euro-MPs. A crucial vote to protect the interests of local small business was lost in the European Parliament when two of our Conservative Euro-MPs failed to turn up. (They did turn up later in the day enabling them to collect their allowance!)

Over a third of the leaflet is similar stuff, and the other parties are all the same in this regard. Very disheartening.

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