Friday, July 09, 2004

And the sequel... 

Unfortunately the real world is intervening often at the moment. So it's fortunate that The Virtual Tophet has provided me with more ways to fill in space with minimum effort:

1. Cats or Dogs? Cats
2. Elizabeth Taylor or Richard Burton? Taylor.
3. Royal Opera or ENO? Brian Eno? Hmm...
4. Ancient or Medieval? Ancient. Medieval stuff's causing me trouble at the moment.
5. Titian or Caravaggio? Titian.
6. Yeats or Eliot? Yeats.
7. Bruce Forsyth or Larry Grayson? Yuck!
8. George or Ringo? George.
9. To Have and Have Not or Casablanca? Casablanca
10. Tracey Emin or Rachel Whiteread? Emin, but not for any good reason.
11. The Who or the Stones? Stones.
12. Dylan Thomas or Ted Hughes? Dylan Thomas
13. Robinson Crusoe or King Solomon's Mines? Haven't read either.
14. Fellini or Begnini? Fellini, but I like both.
15. Dostoyevsky or Tolstoy? See previous post.
16. Oxford or Cambridge? Oxford, perhaps obviously.
17. The sixties or the seventies? The 70s, because of a lot of good music and good politics (the true beginning of lesbian separatism perhaps?)
18. Burger King or MacDonalds? Macdonalds, at which I've shamefully started eating through sheer laziness.
19. Jonathan Ross or Angus Deayton? Deayton.
20. Peter Mandelson or Alastair Campbell? Mandelson. But again, yuck!
21. Verdi or Wagner? See previous post.
22. Duran Duran or Spandau Ballet? Duran Duran, but only just. I have far too much 80s music hidden behind the more obviously 'cool' records.
23. Bill Monroe or Johnny Cash? See previous post.
24. The Iliad or the Odyssey? The Odyssey.
25. Hello or Heat? Neither.
26. London or Paris? Paris.
27. Moscow or California? Moscow.
28. Athens or Rome? Rome
29. Red wine or white? Red
30. Noël Coward or Oscar Wilde? Wilde
31. Vanessa Redgrave or Judi Dench? Dench, but both are great.
32. Brown or Blair? Brown
33. British Museum or Natural History Museum? British Museum is in my favourite bit of London (near Gay's The Word, Foyles, Bookmarks, Soho, The Astoria...) so I'll go for that.
34. More museums: Louvre or Pergamon? Louvre.
35. Pubs or bars? Pubs.
36. Comedy or tragedy? See previous.
37. Fall or spring? Both, then one's less painful. (D'oh!)
38. Coffee or tea? Coffee
39. Jane Austen or Virginia Woolf? Austen
40. Bull-fighters or gladiators? gladiators.
41. Renaissance or Enlightenment? Enlightenment.
43. Town or Country? Country, but with convenient towny bits.
44. Mac or PC? PC.
45. Charles or Diana? Charles Windsor - 'You're on your way to the guillotine!'
46. Tuscany or Provence? Tuscany
47. Email or Telephone? Email has made phones obsolete. I only wish everyone with mobiles agreed.
48. Fruit or Cake? "'Cake or death?' 'I'll think I'll take cake'. 'I'm afraid we've run out of cake'. 'So the choice is 'or death'?'"
49. Football or Rugby? Neither.
50. Dolphins or Tuna? Slurry.

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