Thursday, November 18, 2004

Blogging quotes 

Up to my eyeballs in work and bureaucracy at the moment, but just enough time to spread bits and pieces I come across. This is a quote from Eduard Bernstein, discussing the 'unnaturalness' of homosexuality in relation to the Oscar Wilde trial in 1895:

"The customary expression is well known, it is “unnatural”. But this itself leads to error. For what is not unnatural? Our entire cultural existence, our mode of life from morning to night is a constant offence against nature, against the original preconditions of our existence. If it was only a question of what was natural, then the worst sexual excess would be no more objectionable than, say, writing a letter – for conducting social intercourse through the medium of the written word is far further removed from nature than any way as yet known of satisfying the sexual urge."

And e-mail writing is simply depraved...

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