Sunday, November 07, 2004

More bigotry 

Don't worry, I'm not crying for Arafat. But I'm slightly concerned by the manner in which the rumour that he has AIDS is being spread; that is, mainly by websites with a specific agenda to (further) discredit him.

If he does have AIDS, that's one thing, and whether or not you feel sorry for him depends on whether you find him in general objectionable or not and, if you do, whether you're able to separate those objections from pitying those who are in pain (I'm neutral on this, because I haven't taken the time to inform myself enough). But a big issue is that every single website I've seen 'leak' this story so far has used the opportunity to reverse many years of AIDS activism in order to link Arafat's possible illness to his supposed bisexuality/homosexuality/paedophilia. Newsflash (of the late 1980s, but people seem to have missed it) - You don't have to be gay to get AIDS...

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