Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year 

For all those not feeling terribly hopeful in the face of the future 2005 seems to present us, with war, famine, capitalist consumerism and the like all likely to be as prevalent as ever, take heart and take up arms (metaphorically, or otherwise):

"A happy new year!... Our readers are, we hope, rebels in heart, and hence may rebel even at our own picture of the future. If that is so let us remind them that opportunities are for those who seize them, and that the coming year may be as bright as we choose to make it... For those who choose to advance to meet Fate determined to mould it to their purpose that future may be as bright as our picture is dark."

James Connolly.

Of course, he got shot that year (1916), so you might not want to follow his call.

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