Sunday, January 09, 2005

New game 

[Via Norm] (I will return to substantial posting at some point...)

Norm's compiled two lists for this one, so I shall follow his. From another person's list, pick out the books you don't have on your shelves, and in bold put the ones you do.


1. Evelyn Waugh
2. Thomas Hardy
3. Yukio Mishima
4. Jane Austen
5. Haruki Murakami
6. Ian McEwan
7. Mikhail Bulgakov
8. P.G. Wodehouse
9. Fyodor Dostoevsky
10. William Shakespeare


1. David McLellan
2. Michael Warner
3. Ian Kershaw
4. Judith Butler
5. Primo Levi
6. Joseph de Maistre
7. Antonio Gramsci
8. Ralph Miliband
9. Brian Barry
10. Alisdair MacIntyre

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