Friday, April 15, 2005

Another political survey 

The previous 'who should you vote for?' survey that was going round seemed rather limited, in that the large Lib Dem result clearly can't be entirely explained by self-selecting survey takers (I hate the Lib Dems and I was still told to vote for them).

Now, there's another one - not aimed at telling you who to vote for, but assessing your general position - and it's much better. That is I like it better, because it aligned more with my own self-ascription (at least I'm honest, eh)

I came out very left wing on the internationalist rehabilitationist axis, and slightly socialist on the other axis. It's quite fun to take and more thought-provoking than others. I love the idea of a 'hanging/flogging Eurosceptic', though I wouldn't want to meet one in a dark alleyway, and I discovered that the only people more left wing than me tend to be male, older and not live in the West Midlands. But, bizarrely, readers of the Express tend to be more socialist than me.

For an interesting discussion of the survey's methods and results, see the excellent blog of its designer, Chris Lightfoot.

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