Monday, April 11, 2005

The Holy Spook and Cannibalistic Consumption 

Schools in Norfolk are to be prevented from referring to the Holy Ghost - it sounds too trivial and spooky - or to Christ's body and blood (in reference to the sacraments) - it sounds too much like Christians engage in flesh-eating - in religious education about Christianity. Moreover, even the Old testament must be given a new name. 'Old' stuff sounds too, well, old.

All the new school guidelines are marvellous actually. Not only do they imply that hitherto schoolchildren have thought of Christians as cannibals; they also imply that Muslims have been thought of as terrorists (of course), Jews as constantly moaning (against the [strike]Wailing[/strike] Western Wall, and Hindus weirdo masochists.

From now on, it seems, we can only think of religion as a purely rational enterprise. Which, I think, kind of misses the point... Great stuff.

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