Saturday, April 09, 2005

Unitarian Jihad 

There's a very funny article in the San Francisco Chronicle by Jon Carroll:

Greetings to the Imprisoned Citizens of the United States. We are Unitarian Jihad. There is only God, unless there is more than one God. The vote of our God subcommittee is 10-8 in favor of one God, with two abstentions. Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation noted the possibility of there being no God at all, and his objection was noted with love by the secretary.

The article is in general an attack on the increasing trend of giving 'balanced' airtime to religious fanatics of all colours, rather than aiming for balance through reasonable moderation. It goes on:

People of the United States! We are Unitarian Jihad! We can strike without warning. Pockets of reasonableness and harmony will appear as if from nowhere! Nice people will run the government again! There will be coffee and cookies in the Gandhi Room after the revolution.

And spawned from this article, now you can get your own unitarian jihad name. Mine was Sister Cattle Prod of Loving Kindness, but it's entirely random of course...

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