Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Music meme 

To complement the book one, Norm's passed this along to me:

1. The total volume of music on my pc: About 1000 songs. A combination of favourites I want as many copies of as possible, and songs too embarrassing to have in a physical collection.

2. Songs playing right now: Franz Ferdinand - "Michael" (upping my quota of controversial gay songs. Though it's only really controversial amongst their self-appointed moral majority teeny bopper fans).

3. Last album I bought: The Tears - "Here Come The Tears". (Very good album, worth owning, only a tenner - go on, go on, go on...)

4. Five songs I've been listening to a lot: The Decemberists - "Legionnaire's Lament" ("I am on reprieve, lacking my joie de vivre"), Lucinda Williams - "Greenville" (with lovely harmonies by Emmylou Harris; I'm going to see LW soon in London" ("in nobody's eyes but mine" - a debt to Morrissey there, I think), Johnny Cash - "Daddy Sang Bass" (trying to sing along to all three pitches in this, with a female vocal range, is quite amusing), The Tears - "Autograph" (Bernard Butler unashamedly rips off Johnny Marr - great stuff).

5. Passing this along to: No one, for once, but here's an open invitation to everyone to take it up.

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