Saturday, June 25, 2005

The New Hanky Code 

Well, some said it was bound to happen... The Pink Paper has reported that the proliferation of coloured charity wristbands has led to some treating them as a new hanky code.

Teenagers have been using the wristbands to suggest their sexual preferences, and a majority of those wearing the wristbands (of those surveyed in Wales and the West Country) claimed that the colour is more important to them than the charity the wristband represents. Around 60 percent of 16-19 year olds said that the bands' colours signalled sexual preferences and relationship availability (which, it must be said, is a bit tamer than the old code).

Here's the colours, for those who want to size people up:

Red: Available for sex
White: Attached
Purple/Turquoise: Gay
Pink: Straight female
Blue: Straight male
Pink and blue together: Bisexual
Yellow: Lost virginity
Black: Recently separated.

Also, in trying to find an internet source for this story, I came across something much more bizarre: The Christian Hanky Code. So be careful - looking at the codes it seems that those rent boys might actually just be pro-lifers...

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