Friday, August 05, 2005

Love In Action 

A minor but perhaps significant step forward. John Evans, a founding member of one of the earliest gay conversion groups, Love In Action, has written a public letter to say that it doesn't work. He discusses personal tragedies involving supposed conversions, as well as the large number of leaders and early members of such groups who have come to realise that they will always be gay.

Well, we knew all that already, but it's important, because it's keeping up a focus on this particular group - Love In Action - which is already under investigation for its methods (if not its principles), thanks to the supporters of a teenager who was sent to one of its camps early this summer. If LIA can come to stand for all such "ex-gay" groups, then an increasing number of well-meaning people will realise what crap they are, and maybe one day they'll disappear entirely, and religious groups will find other ways to deal with their LGB members - hopefully ways which are more humane.

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