Thursday, October 06, 2005

Friendly Warning 

Cinema-goers, avoid arriving early to films this month! Why? Because if you don't, you'll be treated to six minutes of screaming and wailing, accompanied by a piss-poor Romeo & Juliet take-off, courtesy of H&M's &denim collection. If it wasn't for the music, actually, I'd say it was a must-see advert, just because it is so awful, but the singing tips it over the edge into the "completely unbearable" category.

The first time we saw this Lorna and I sat in the cinema laughing our heads off, because we thought that an advert this long and melodramatic had to be intentionally funny. But no one else was laughing. And H&M's website tells us:

“There's enough comedy in advertising today. And jeans are not about laughs, jeans are love and soul and tears. That's what we're trying to emphasize with this tragic and beautiful Romeo & Juliet story.” The film was filmed by H&M Red Room and renowned director/photographer David LaChapelle. It will run in cinemas worldwide, but the company refuses to reveal the ending but did say: “Every pair of &denim jeans is the start of another true denim love story.”

Hmm. You can just tell that somewhere in H&M's marketing department there's a highly sarcastic individual who's almost ready to cry because no one else realised they were joking before the company put this to print...

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