Monday, October 03, 2005


[Via Richard] Next Sunday is National PornSunday in the States, and it's an event that's spreading internationally to England and several other countries. But rather than being a celebration of pornography - as the name would suggest - it's an event organised by the churches, trying to wean people off porn, with PG-13 rated services talking about its temptations and the problems of addiction.

But why not make it an international day of porn discussion from every point of view? One of my more interesting nights at university was spent with about 5-10 other women, sitting in a small room in St John's College, Oxford, watching two porn films, drinking wine and attempting to discuss what we were watching intelligently (without laughing). We were talking specifically about what line feminists should take towards porn, looking at how porn films portray women and how they treat their actresses. But the conversation often wandered off-topic onto more detailed aspects of the films we were watching, and there are many other discussions to be had about these forms of entertainment.

The world would definitely be a bit more fun if we had designated days where everyone sat down and watched porn together without feeling guilty about it. People in England especially would gain from taking a more mature approach to sex by tackling it head-on. And hell, why make it more mature? After all, pornography films are certainly a more reliable source of comedy than any Carry On flick.

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