Saturday, October 01, 2005

Yes, they're white trash 

It looks like the New York Times has just discovered the Chav. [Via Brad, whose comments section is amusingly full of other Americans still trying to work out exactly what they are].

Relatedly, I just discovered Chav Scum's letters section. Here's a fun one:

From: Christina "mcgarryclan"
ave ya nt gt nefin else 2 do dan insult peeps eh? ow wud u lyk it if peeps made a web site bot u? n y u labelin us? we aint a can of beans or nufin. u need 2 gt ur issues srtd owt b4 u insult us ppl. yeh?

Haha, the Chavscum letters link was class.

I love the disclaimer they have at the top: "We stongly advise all our readers NOT to take some of the email usernames printed below and contact these people using AIM or adding @hotmail.com to their email username and contacting them via MSN. We do not condone such activity and can not be held responsible for your actions."

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