Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's Resolutions 

I won't be posting much in the forthcoming year at all, but I'll take an official pause for the while as I prepare to relocate back to Oxford. So this is a last post for a while.

I never seriously make resolutions, but this year I vaguely intend to do the following:
  1. Read all the books I was given for Christmas for once (unfortunately, this includes the Rights of War and Peace - only £16.99 in Borders! - so this resolution may end up like those ones about giving up chocolate... it also includes trashy Japanese horror novels for a lighter touch, though).
  2. Also reading - start working through Aquinas' Summa Theologica.
  3. Go out drinking more often with people I like but don't see much.
  4. Spend less on pointless forms of gambling (admittedly, this one was precipitated by being ID'd in a supermarket for a lottery ticket a couple of weeks ago. I can handle someone thinking I'm under eighteen - just about - but under sixteen?)
  5. Finish my degree. Of course, I remember making this one last year...

Feel free to post any resolutions you may have made yourself. A happy new year to everyone. May it prove better than the last, on whatever scale you choose.

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